commissioning me?

Upon reviewing the information below, gather all references, examples, and additional information needed for your commission and send an email to me at

If you have any questions about commissions, feel free to email me, or contact me through any of my means listed on my contact page.


comm sim.png

Digital - Simple

Fully coloured and shaded piece, including either a solid background, transparent background, or hybrid of the two. Good for character references.

Bust: Shoulders up - $15 USD ea.

Half-Body: Waist/thigh up - $20 USD ea.

Full-Body: $30 USD | + $25 USD ea. additional character

Reference Sheet: Full-body (front and back) and up to 3 details (scar references, accessory details, additional expression headshots, etc.) - $60 USD

comm bg.png

Digital - With Background

Fully coloured and shaded piece, including a fully coloured and shaded background.

Good for gifts or fanart.

Half-Body: $45 USD | + $20 USD ea. additional character

Full-Body: $60 USD | + $25 USD ea. additional character

comm paint.png

Digital - Painted

Please contact me if you could like a painted piece. Prices will vary.

Digital - Complex (Large Projects)

For larger projects with either very complex character designs or backgrounds, multiple pieces in a series, or projects such as comics, prices will vary. Please contact me with any information you have and we can work something out.

comm trad.png

Traditional Commissions

I am open to traditional commissions, but prices will vary depending on the piece. Feel free to contact me for a quote!

If there is a project or style that doesn’t necessarily fall under the types of commissions currently offered, feel free to contact me about it. I’m open to working on most anything (commercial work, custom merchandise, etc.), as well as likely have examples of styles and projects I’ve not directly stated here.


I am open to drawing:

  • Fanart

  • Original Characters

  • Humans and Humanoids

  • Anthro and Furry

  • Animals and Monsters

  • NSFW

I will not draw:

  • Excessive gore or body horror

  • Real person ships

If you’re unsure if something is suited to list, feel free to ask. I have the right to refuse any commission for any reason I see fit.


All payment is through Paypal only.

Depending on the complexity of characters and backgrounds, prices are subject to change upon commissioning, which I will always quote you back on before confirming an order. Listed prices are non-negotiable unless ordered in bulk.

Once the base sketch or concept is approved, I will send a first invoice for half of the payment. Progress on the commission will not continue until that invoice has been paid. The second invoice will be sent after finishing the piece, and will be the second half of the price.

You’re free to ask for any changes as long as it is before we have agreed on a sketch/set of lines. Any changes after the fact may be subject to an additional charge, exceeding no more than $5 per change. Small alterations and mistakes of my own will not require any sort of fine.

Character prices do not include things such as random animals, pets, or Pokemon, unless they are particularly large, complex, or there are many of them.


Do not erase any signature, edit my work in any way (other than cropping for icons and avatars), pass my art as your own, or use it in any way to gain profit. In the case that you’d like something for commercial purposes, please mention it upon first contact, and we will work out separate pricing. 

I will only post commissions publicly if I have received your approval first, whether that be me wanting to post it personally (to Tumblr, Deviantart, etc.), or you specifically asking for it to be posted. You, of course, are free to do what you wish with your commission, but I do ask that you provide a credit back to me if posted somewhere. 

Please remember to save your commissions as well!