Robin. 24. Gemini. Bear Enthusiast. I'm a self taught artist hailing from Anaheim, California. I've been doing art my whole life, and can't picture a future without it. I'm currently working freelance and beginning the process of starting my own art and media company. I like to think I dabble in a bit of everything, ranging from general art to acting, writing to cosplaying.

In my free time, I'm a video game and Forensic Files junkie, and Iā€™m often found either wandering hiking trails or torturing my cat.

Why 'Starkurt'?

Truthfully, it's entirely uninspiring-- 'Glee' was kind enough to throw Adam Lambert and Chris Colfer into the same storyline, and my intense love for both them personally and their characters had me swapping my Tumblr URL as fast as I could. However, the name stuck over the years, and it very much became my brand. For a more meaningful explanation, I can at least tell you that the two characters are everything I aspire to be-- kind, witty, talented, selfless, artsy, and a little dramatic. Maybe covered in glitter, too.